Observation Form

Directly upload and share photos of camel crickets (native and non-native) with us. Our crack-team of entomologists uses these photos to identify the species of camel cricket that lives in and around your home.

Learn how you can tell the difference between the native and non-native genera of camel crickets.

You did an amazing job fueling this project, and the form has been turned off as we move to the next phase of this project. Thank you!

Thank you everyone for the tremendous response. We received hundreds of entries and a great dataset to shift through and analyze. You can read the first paper resulting from this citizen science study here:

Epps MJ, Menninger HL, LaSala N, Dunn RR. (2014). Too big to be noticed: cryptic invasion of Asian camel crickets in North American houses. PeerJ 2:e523.